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Our educational solutions are at the forefront of innovation and are based on creativity and collaboration.

Using unique, intuitive, and customizable applications, we help students become active participants in their education.

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Digital technology for elementary schools, finally a simple and intuitive solution

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The collaborative social network designed for middle school and high school education

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A different approach to digital learning technologies


Unlike a fixed, walled-off portal, we employ user-centered software that allows for free interactions within a secure network specifically designed with users’ needs in mind.


When it comes to maintaining consistent service throughout the region, compromise sometimes seems inevitable. Well, we beg to differ. With us, interfaces, applications, and features are adapted to match students—not the other way around.

User Experience

Interfaces carefully designed to encourage concentration, accommodate a variety of different uses, and help the largest possible number of students adopt the platform.

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An active community

ODE Framework is our modular, open source (AGPL V3) development platform.

Get all the tools you need, including reference manuals, APIs, component libraries, and integration guides, to create an application suited for use in education and roll out your own innovations on a large scale.

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