The ONE project, winner of e-education 2 FSN/PIA

ONE is a virtual learning environment designed specifically for primary schools. The entire project was developed using the Open Digital Education approach, in partnership with the Caen and Versailles regional education authorities.

A web application development kit to serve the education community

Producing and distributing applications in the education sector means solving issues concerning systems, regulations and infrastructure as well as teaching and learning. With the solutions offered by Open Digital Education, designers and developers can focus on the educational “payload” of the digital applications they are building. Rafik Djedjig, software architect, presents the foundations of the Open

ODE, an ambitious new R&D goal

Building on VLE solutions developed and deployed by WSE (ONE 2012-2014, NEO 2013-2014), and on a generic Open Source engine which is already widely used (ENT Core 2014), the ODE programme aims to design, develop and distribute a wider enterprise architecture approach to educational technology devices and services (VLE, tablets, resources, etc.). Olivier Vigneau, co-founder of WSE